After working in scientific research, I discovered the joys of creating stained glass pieces. All my pieces are made in Canada and they are hand-crafted. To make them, I use primarily the Tiffany or copper foil technique. This technique involves me cutting the glass, followed by grinding it to remove both the rough edges and to better fit the pieces into the design. The edges of each glass piece are then wrapped in copper foil which is burnished to achieve a smooth and secure contact to the glass. I then fit the glass pieces together in the design, solder them, and finish with a patina and/or a glass finishing compound to retard oxidation which preserves the pieces' colours over time.

While I make a variety of items, including Christmas ornaments, sun catchers, candle holders, jewelry boxes and vases, my signature pieces the last few years have been stained glass “snowflakes”, geometric pieces where I enjoy exploring the juxtaposition of various types of primarily clear textured glass, the geometric precision of the pieces involved and the endless ways that the shapes can be combined to make new designs. In recent years, the public has asked for pieces that have less of a traditional snowflake shape so that they may be enjoyed year-round. To this end I have been designing new pieces, using things such as antique tin ceiling tiles and quilt blocks for inspiration, and adding these new sun catchers to my repertoire.